For Waterfront Property Owners, It’s All About ‘Safety First’

Owning a waterfront property in Florida, or other coastal towns throughout the U.S., can certainly feel like a privilege; but with great perks, comes great responsibility! Keeping your waterfront property, and all that comes with it, well-maintained can help keep your friends, family and visitors safe, allowing you to enjoy all that mother nature has …

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Do-It-Yourself Docks

The DIY Revolution. The two best things to happen to homeowners in the history of residential housing: HGTV and Home Depot. Then came the rise of the “kits” — everything you needed to install anything from interior doors to exterior sheds could be purchased in one shrink-wrapped parcel that contained all necessary bolts, anchors, and …

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Natural Dock Cleaning

Simplicity is beauty – whether you are building a wood dock in Florida, or maintaining one. Although they require a bit more care, many owners of waterfront homes prefer this traditional material to composite decking or extruded PVC. Because wood docks absorb the beautiful Florida sun, they present a gentle tactile, nice to walk on. …

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