Dock Accessories

The expert dock building specialists at Gibson Marine Construction can help you incorporate some dock accessories into your dock build or add some new accessories to your existing dock to make it into the entertaining space you have always dreamed about. Dock accessories come in all shapes and sizes and some of our most popular dock accessory options are:

Boat Lifts

There are many benefits to adding a boat lift to your dock. It’s easier and faster to pull your boat out of the water using a boat lift. It makes it easier to clean your boat. And it is better to store your boat out of the water. Boat lifts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. And there are many types on the market. Gibson Marine can help you determine which boat lift would be best for your dock. They also offer services to install, maintain, and repair boat lifts. To learn more about boat lifts from Gibson Marine, visit the boat lifts page on our website.

Jet Ski Lifts

Jet ski lifts are very similar to boat lifts and perform many of the same functions as a boat lift. So, if you spend a lot of time on jet skis, you may want to consider installing a jet ski lift on your dock.

Dock Cleats

Dock cleats are an essential accessory for your boat dock. Installing them allows you to securely tie your boat down to prevent it from floating away. The most popular type of dock cleats we install are rope cleats.

Dock and Marina Power Pedestals

Dock and marina power pedestals are designed for the specific use of safely supplying power to your dock area and boats. Power pedestals provide a consolidated source for utilities and help to eliminate the clutter of electrical cables and water hoses that would usually lie on the dock and easily become a safety hazard. The power pedestal Gibson Marine typically recommends and installs can also provide pleasant low level dock lighting, which is suitable for most dock and marina applications.

Underwater Lighting

Even though our systems can draw large schools of fish and make them easily viewable and accessible, underwater lights are not just for the hard-core fishermen. Some people like them for the serene beauty they cast around their property. Most consider our product an extension of their yard lighting. This type of underwater lighting can truly create a breathtaking experience beyond any above-water light. If you love fishing or just like to watch fish, we have a system that’s right for you. Nightfall may not only be an event to look forward to but the highlight of the entire day!

Dock Lighting and Landscape Lighting

Lighting your boat dock is not only important for your safety but that of your passengers. In addition, it can be a wonderful feature to have when you want to entertain after sunset. Boat dock lighting also ensures that you or your guests do not unexpectedly end up in the water during the nighttime hours as a result of low visibility. Landscape lighting will allow you to highlight unique architectural features of your home, as well as natural textures such as trees, ponds or shrubs. Landscape lighting services such as lighting docks, seawalls, steps and pathways will also offer a sense of security to you, your family and guests. To learn about some of the most commonly used types of landscape lighting, visit our article on the topic, Types of Landscape Lights.

Dock Plumbing

Running plumbing lines down to your dock can give you a lot of options. You may want to use it to set up a sink for a tiki bar or in a grilling area to make it an amazing place to entertain. Or you may want it for more practical reasons such as setting up a shower and/or foot washing station to help get all of the salt and/or sand off before returning to the house. Or just having a hose hooked up to it can help make the clean up process much faster, allowing you to easily rinse off boating equipment such as life vests, or easily spray down your boat, if needed. Whether installing a water line for a residential dock or installing a whole marina piping system, Gibson Marine Construction has the experts that can get the job done right. They can help you decide what is the best dock plumbing project for you and they only use the highest quality materials so you can enjoy your dock with plumbing for many, many years to come.


Although it is not nearly as exciting as some of the other dock accessories we discussed, investing in pilings or piling products may be the most important accessory you could add to your dock. Marine boring organisms decrease the life of your pilings and it can cost you thousands of dollars to replace your pilings.

Piling Strips, Piling Wrap and Piling Caps

Piling strips are a low cost option, that is fairly easy to install and one way to help protect your pilings from damage. But if you are willing to invest a little more upfront, Gibson Marine has a unique polyethylene solution that will almost double the life of your pilings and protect your investment for years to come. We also offer piling caps, the decorative caps that are installed on top of pilings. Generally, the cone shape caps and the flat piling caps are the most popular options. Gibson Marine Construction is an expert on pilings. We can perform an inspection on your pilings, and advise you of your options. We can also design, install, or extract all pilings.

Child Safety Fences

If you have small children or live in an area with kids nearby, you may want to consider installing a child safety fence. Gibson Marine Construction specializes in the highest quality and most innovative fence layout design and installations. This safety product is an invaluable necessity and there is no skimping on quality of neither finished product nor the installation. Our child safety fences will truly save lives and we are proud to be experts.

Dock Railings

Adding a dock railing can enhance the design of your dock while also increasing the functionality and making your dock safer to use. You can choose from a variety of rails for your dock railing. Some of the most popular types of rails include:

Or you can talk to the experts at Gibson Marine and have them design a unique railing feature just for you.

Additional Dock Accessories

Some additional dock accessories, you may also want to consider, include:

Gibson Marine Construction, the Local Source for All of Your Dock Accessories in the Tampa Bay Area

The assortment of dock accessories on the market today is practically endless. And there are so many options for each to choose from. Let the experts at Gibson Marine Construction help you find the best dock accessories to suit your needs. And building a design plan to incorporate all of your wishes and needs is what we do best. Complete the website contact form to learn more.

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