Our dedication is preferred by homeowners, trusted by contractors and developers, and sets industry standards. Gibson Marine Construction specializes in superior seawall construction, using only the industry’s leading products. Construction of a seawall requires quality materials and advanced technology in order to prevent erosion and to withstand strong winds and high waves. A seawall, also known as a bulkhead or retaining wall, keeps the water from eroding the soil back into the water. Each seawall project has its own set of unique requirements. The stability of any seawall is dependent upon variables such as wall height, sheet pile length and strength, wale system, backfill, foundation soil and tide.

Homeowners and developers are looking at new ways to protect their properties due to the frequency of storms and hurricanes. The challenges of owning waterfront property include storm surges causing erosion, UV damage to traditional materials, corrosion of aluminum and steel, and deterioration caused by marine borers that thrive on pressure-treated lumber. Our design team will work with you from start to finish on designing and constructing your seawall in order to protect your most valuable investment. Our standard is using top-quality products and exceptional design to ensure we meet each job’s unique challenges.

We use the highest performance vinyl and composite sheet piling backed with a 50-year warranty. Our product’s warranty guarantees against rust, rot, corrosion, falling prey to marine borers, or UV damage from the sun. Because commercial marinas or waterfront residences may require a seawall made of stone (rip rap), concrete, or treated specialty wood, we can accommodate according to your specific needs.

Preventative vs Reactive

Neglecting to maintain a seawall could result in property damage, loss of land, and decreased property value. Regular repairs, maintenance, and reinforcement of a seawall ensure a longer lifespan and can eliminate the need for costly emergency repair or replacement. Repairing an existing seawall can also incorporate new technologies, materials, and construction methods that offer better protection against damage. A properly functioning seawall can reduce erosion, protect marine wildlife, and help preserve the natural beauty of a shoreline. 

New Vinyl Seawall Installations

Gibson Marine Construction’s vinyl sheet piling carries a 50-year manufacturer warranty against UV damage, corrosion, rot and marine borer damage. In addition to the manufacturer warranty Gibson Marine Construction provides a 25-year workmanship warranty.

Raising Seawalls For Elevation

Depending on the elevation of your home and yard, Gibson Marine Construction may be able to raise the elevation of your current seawall. This additional height will make your outdoor living space even more useable and add protection to your home and property.

Seawall Repairs

Depending on the condition of your seawall, Gibson Marine Construction may be able to make repairs to your existing wall and extend its life. A few examples of what we may be able to do include adding well point drainage systems, secondary anchors, new cap and tie backs and grouting joints.

Span Beams

If you have just purchased your home or are planning the addition of a swimming pool, Gibson Marine Construction can help. By adding a span beam in the area where your swimming pool will be located, your pool contractor will be able to dig and not have to be concerned with damaging the anchoring system in your seawall.

Wood Walls

Gibson Marine Construction uses all marine-grade material for our wood seawalls. Our wall construction consists of vertical 2” x 6” PT marine-grade lumber, a combination of 2” x 8” front and back wale system and a 2” x 12” PT marine grade cap along. Depending on the environment, this wall will provide many years of service.

Landscape Retaining Walls

These walls provide beauty and add stability to your yard. Gibson uses various materials including concrete walls and landscaping retaining block.

Rip Rap

Adds stability and a natural look in front of your existing seawall. Gibson installs an underlayment before installing. The rip rap prevent soils from eroding. Once the underlayment is installed, Florida Fieldstone or lime rock is installed at a 2:1 ratio with rock between 8” and 24”.

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