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Gibson Marine Construction specializes in building, maintaining, and repairing docks, decks and pilings in the Tampa Bay, Florida and surrounding areas. With over three decades of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver a quality product at a reasonable rate.

Dock and Deck Construction

As with all of our projects, Gibson Marine Construction only uses the highest quality building materials available for our deck and dock construction projects. When you hire us to build your deck or dock, we will present multiple design ideas and collaborate with you to ensure your vision becomes a reality. Gibson Marine will construct your dock or deck with the highest level of craftsmanship and professionalism. Every cut, every joint, and every board is perfectly fit together. This is a Gibson Marine Construction standard. You can trust that we will deliver a quality product so you can enjoy your new dock or deck for many years to come.

Residential and Commercial Dock and Decking Construction Projects

Gibson Marine Construction services both residential and commercial properties. We have extensive experience with both types of projects. And if you spend a lot of time on the water in the Tampa Bay area, you have likely encountered one of them. We are Florida state certified contractors, with a level of expertise that is unmatched by competitors in the industry. And no residential or commercial dock building or decking project is too big for our talented and knowledgeable team.

Types of Docks

Our professional dock builders at Gibson Marine Construction will work with you to help you decide which type of dock and decking materials will be best for your lifestyle and property. The two most common types of docks we build are fixed docks and floating docks.

Fixed Docks

Fixed docks are permanent installations with pilings driven into the seabed. They are very sturdy and are built with quality materials crafted from steel, composite, pressure-treated lumber, and extruded PVC. Fixed docks are built to withstand inclement weather conditions, such as a hurricane. And this also makes them a better choice for areas with strong tides or currents and/or a lot of wave action, like high traffic areas.

Because fixed docks are more sturdy and can support more weight, we can create a custom design just for you and can add-on various accessories such as boat lifts, comfortable seating areas, a bar, grill or outdoor kitchen area, railings, lighting, and more.

Floating Docks

Floating docks are generally considered temporary installations, not true marine construction projects so installing one typically does not require the expertise of a marine contractor, any specialty equipment, or require you to obtain the proper permits. This makes it the more budget-friendly option.

Floating docks are typically pretty basic and easy to install. Many are modular and sold in sections, which can be assembled like building blocks. Some floating docks can even be purchased and delivered fully assembled. And one of the biggest advantages to this modular feature is that the dock can be assembled and reassembled to meet your changing needs.

And since the dock floats on top of the water, it rises and falls with the water levels allowing you to embark and disembark with ease. Plus floating docks are typically easier to clean and can easily be removed to put into storage when not in use or to protect it from a storm.


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Maintenance and Repair Services

In addition to building docks, we also offer dock and decking maintenance services and repair services. Dock or deck maintenance requirements will vary based on a number of factors, most importantly, the type of materials it was constructed from. But no matter the material, it is very important that you keep your dock or deck properly maintained, which will help keep it safe for use and extend the life of the structure. The same is true for repairs. Making repairs to your dock or deck in a timely fashion can help keep it safe for use and keep it in proper working order. If you are not sure if repairs are required, you can call Gibson Marine Construction for an inspection and repair recommendations.

Tampa Bay’s Premiere Deck and Dock Construction Company

With over three decades of experience, Gibson Marine Construction is one of the best deck and dock construction companies in the Tampa Bay area. Contact our experts for a free quote, and get one step closer to building the beautiful dock or deck of your dreams.

For deck and dock maintenance or repair questions or to schedule an inspection, please contact Gibson Marine Construction. Our experts can help you keep your dock and decking properly maintained. We look forward to helping you with all of your deck or dock construction and service needs. Check out our Gallery for our latest projects and work.

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