Dock Repair and Maintenance a Must Year Round

Waterfront property owners are afforded a luxury view and activities that not all homeowners get to enjoy. Many have a dock that houses a boat or watersports equipment which might leave some friends and family a little jealous! But, with those fun and playful components of your waterfront property, also comes proper and routine maintenance of your seawall or dock. We have covered seawall maintenance before, so let’s talk about appropriate upkeep for your dock.

Mostly due to weather and time, all docks need routine maintenance before repairs become too costly.  If your dock is not maintained regularly or properly, the posts of your dock (which are secured to the floor of the body of water) may erode and deteriorate. Other repairs might include: replacing un-treated lumber with water-treated lumber, sealing your wood, and repairing wooden platforms. If the damage is too extensive, it may just cost you a pretty penny.  Maintenance is key!

Minor dock conservation can be handled by the property owner like ensuring the cables are adjusted correctly, cleaning docks and ladders, and checking for storm damage. Also, to keep your docks looking like new simply use a power washer to remove dirt and grime.

We recommend that in order to reduce your chances of needing extensive repairs on your dock, call in a professional to routinely inspect the dock for common problems that can be easily repaired. The season is upon us to enjoy your waterfront paradise, don’t let an unsafe dock ruin your outdoor plans!

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