How to Buy a Boat Lift

All lovers of the water know their docks and sea-worthy vessels require a strict preventative maintenance program. Daily and seasonally, boat owners toil to keep their boats and the equipment that support them in shape for both safety and aesthetics.

Boat lifts specifically are central to upkeep. They can function in two different ways:

  • To transfer a vessel from one elevation to another
  • To lift a boat out of the water

The latter purpose for a boat lift is one of the best ways to proactively maintain the hull. A boat’s hull is obviously subjected to the most potential abuse; particularly if left in the water for extended periods of time.

The eventual corrosive effects of elements like algae, moss, and salt water wear away at the finish. Anyone who has ever scraped and re-painted a hull understands the sweat equity it entails.

Additionally, when your boat is aloft, it is not able to constantly knock against the dock from the wakes created by other boats and due to inclement weather. It is more protected.

Like any marine purchase, you need to consider the installation’s environment and the equipment with which it is interfacing; in this case your boat. Some questions to consider when purchasing a boat lift:

  • Is it a new lift or a replacement?
  • If replacement, what don’t you like about the operation of the existing?
  • Is there a particular lift feature in which you are interested?
  • Do you plan on making any modifications to your property or dock?
  • Where do you envision the lift being installed? Dockside or at the seawall?
  • If seawall, has it been maintained well/does it require inspection?
  • Do you require or have a permit?
  • What model of watercraft is being lifted?
  • What is the boat’s length, width, and wet weight?
  • What electricity is available to support the lift? Is it 110V or 220V?

The marine industry is no exception from any other with its full range of styles to suit needs and limitations of space. Additionally, before potentially replacing your boat’s lift, consider having us perform an assessment of the problem. You may be surprised by how cost effective a repair can be if there is still plenty of life left in the lift. A brand new boat lift may not always be the solution.

As always, boating responsibly is key. Safety first. A boat should never be raised by a boat lift unless that lift is specifically designed/rated to support a boat of specific dimensions. You could otherwise cause extensive damage to the boat and/or put someone in harm’s way.

We install a variety of lifts from many manufacturers that are:

• Aluminum
• Galvanized
• Davits
• PWC Lifts
• Swinger Style Lifts

Boating may be considered a notoriously expensive hobby, but a sound maintenance/inspection program will assure the life of your boat lift, its components, and your vessel.

If you have any questions or would like a professional evaluation or any suggestions to get the most out of the beautiful Florida sunshine, give us a call at 727-942-3111.

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