Which Type of Boat Lift is Right for you?

If you are a boat owner lucky enough to have your own waterfront property at which to store the boat, you should have a boat lift to protect your precious seafaring watercraft from Mother Nature! When your boat is not in use, a boat lift help can keep it out of the water away from barnacles, storms or any other potential, damage-causing hazards. It can also help you move your boat from one location to another, like from an inlet to a boat storage facility before a hurricane hits. Many different types of boat lifts are manufactured every day and we install lots of different styles to best suit your needs.

The types of boat lifts we install, include:

  • Aluminum Boat Lifts
  • Galvanized Boat Lifts
  • Davits
  • PWC Lifts
  • Swinger Style Lifts

With so many options, one can’t help but beg the question, “what kind of boat lift is right for me?” Well we are here to help you answer that question! Boat lifts are like shoes, one size does not fit all. Some boat lifts are great for large boats on the open sea, while other boat lifts would be better suited for a small boat in a calm freshwater lake. Below are a few things to consider when making the decision about which type of boat lift you need.


Freshwater or Saltwater?

Staying knowledgeable about ways you can prevent the wear and tear of your boat lift can be financially beneficial in the future. Damage to a boat lift can be very expensive, and sometimes irreversible. One way you can prevent damage to your boat lift is to think about what kind of water in which your boat lift will be working. Is it fresh or salt water?

Salt water can be corrosive which is why, if you are boating out at sea, a stainless steel boat lift should be your go-to answer. Stainless steel contains a high proportion of chromium and nickel, are very resistant to corrosion and other chemical reactions, and are easy to clean, polish, and sterilize. For this reason, stainless steel has a great relationship with the salty sea and is the best choice for any sea faring vessel.

But what about if you like to go boating out on a beautiful freshwater lake? The water in a freshwater lake is less harsh and gentler on boat lifts, which is why a galvanized boatlift would be a great choice for those kinds of environmental conditions.


Small Boat or Large Boat?

Some boat lifts can’t lift boats of certain specifications. For example, you wouldn’t make a boat lift designed for small lake boats lift a large sea yacht would you? Just like you wouldn’t make a boat lift designed for only deep water lift a boat that is in shallow water. Again, it is like a shoe, not one size fits all, so be sure to take the size and usage of your boat into consideration when purchasing a boat lift.


More Questions?

Still not sure which boat lift to get? We can give our expert advice on what kind boat lift would best fit your needs, and then we can install it for you, from beginning to end! We love our lakes and oceans and we would be more than happy to assist in your next project! Feel free to contact us by calling 727-942-3111 or here.

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