Florida Seawalls: Functional Beauty

Our waters and climate lend themselves to a variety of options for seawall construction in Florida. Although seawalls support the function of protecting your waterfront home from the shoreline, it doesn’t mean they need to be unsightly, or industrial looking.

Also known as bulkheads or retaining walls, the use of vinyl sheet piling offers an opportunity for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, due in part by the flexibility of a vinyl seawall. Resistant to damage from UV rays, and the rot, corrosion, and destruction caused by marine borers, you can have your seawall and love the way it looks too!

Custom designs to suit individual tastes and the unique curvature of your property’s edge also make vinyl seawalls a flexible alternative. Although we install wood seawalls, rip rap seawalls and of course landscaping retaining walls, here are a few of our favorite things about vinyl seawalls:

  1. Warranty: Vinyl Piling Seawalls carry an extraordinary warranty. The highest performance vinyl and composite sheet piling we install is backed with a 50-year warranty. (On top of that, you can add in Gibson Marine Construction’s 25-year workmanship warranty!)
  2. Ease of Installation: Most homeowners look forward to the start of their renovation projects. You’ve gone through the evaluation of contractors, the proposal phase, and the selection process. By that time, you just want to get started and get it done already! While there’s the perfect seawall for every situation, there’s a good deal to be said about the speed with which vinyl seawalls can be erected. The ease of installation and the pliability of the material facilitates that installation. There’s a lot that goes into a seawall installation, but as a homeowner, you can get “back to normal” as soon as possible!
  3. Cost effective: Comparatively speaking, you will find that this seawall material is less expensive than the alternatives; in part because the time spent on labor is decreased. In general, you will find the pricing on vinyl seawalls to be an attractive reason to select them.
  4. Durability: Vinyl is a popular option for many residential and commercial projects because it lasts. It is designed to withstand all the elements that are the reason you need a seawall in the first place. Robust by definition, you will find that your vinyl seawall will remain impervious to the types of challenges other materials may eventually face, like: corrosion, insect infestation, and the wear and tear imposed by the sun, the tides, and the winds levied during Florida’s hurricane season.


Founded on variables including: wall height, sheet pile length and strength, foundation soil and tide; genuine craftsmanship and quality materials combine with advanced installation technologies to provide an effective barrier system.

Waterfront properties are coveted. If you are contemplating purchasing a home at the water’s edge or are already enjoying the spectacular views, they do come at a price. Not the dollars and cents kind necessarily as much as the awareness kind. Just as “good fences make good neighbors” so it is if you live next door to Mother Nature. There are times she will really try to get her way. Protect your property with the right seawall for the job. We’d be glad to assist!



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