Our Top Four Reasons for Loving Vinyl Seawalls

No, we do not play favorites when it comes to the materials we select for our premium marine construction in Tampa Bay!

Actually, multiple factors drive the decision about the materials to use – two of the most important ones of course being: what the customer wants and how that may be achieved within their budget based on whatever seawall type currently exists.

For example, with an existing wood wall, should a marine-grade material one in need of some repairs be ripped out in favor of a Rip Rap seawall? Or can we achieve that natural look by installing a landscape retaining wall that works with the repaired wood wall to give a unique effect without demolishing a perfectly solid structure? We need customers to be happy and bottom lines to make sense. That’s why our consultations are in-depth.

What Are Some of the Key Advantages of Vinyl Seawalls?

Vinyl seawalls (also referred to as PVC seawalls) offer some choice alternatives. If you haven’t considered this as a viable option, check them out as this week we salute these seawalls as something worth considering. Here at Gibson Marine Construction, our vinyl sheet piling carries a 50-year manufacturer warranty against UV damage, corrosion, rot and marine borer damage.

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranty, Gibson Marine Construction provides a 25-year workmanship warranty. Enough of the shameless plugs – here are our top four favorite things about vinyl seawalls – in no particular order of importance:

Vinyl Seawalls are Sustainable

Seawalls are subjected to a terrible trio endeavoring to undermine its integrity: the sun’s harmful UV rays, the punishing effects of all water types, and the creatures of the deep who feast. These elements are essentially relentless, yet on the other hand are the same features that make waterfront living so singular. Therefore, a peaceful co-existence is a vote for vinyl. The longer shelf life of this material simply makes it ideal to fend off such factors.

Manufacturer Warranty and Gibson Marine Construction’s Workmanship Warranty

Even the manufacturers are onboard. They can literally afford to be as magnanimous as they are because this product is one that does not easily fail and does not require the same level of tending other seawall materials do. They don’t tend to succumb quite as easily to corrosion, cracking, and rotting.

Vinyl Seawalls are Easy to Install

If you are having a pool installed, you are going to expect it to be a pretty invasive project, what with the excavation and the many steps required to make it safe and viable. The same is true in a sense for vinyl seawalls as care and calculation goes into their installation of course, but the duration of time it takes to erect and secure one, is generally of a shorter duration than a seawall made with other materials.

An Affordable Seawall Option

The price tag for these structures is reduced in part because the labor is typically reduced because they are easy to install. To add to that savings, the material itself is relatively inexpensive. Vinyl seawalls are also cost effective over time as they tend to last longer.

Contact us to discuss what the vinyl choice means for the effect you wish to achieve on your property.

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