Our Top Three Dock Inspection Steps for Florida Home Buyers

Typically, when buying a new home, it is in the best interest of the buyer to request a home inspection to uncover any hidden issues. The same can be said for those looking for waterfront properties, especially when it concerns the condition of the dock.

Unfortunately, with all of the good that comes with a dock, you also have to take the bad. Marine environments are often harsh and can cause a plethora of problems for any waterfront property owner.

Issues can range from something as simple as normal wear and rot, all the way to pH soil balance or hydrostatic pressures. Basically, a dock inspection is never a bad idea for a waterfront property owner.


1. Consult a Florida dock design and construction specialist.

Although a home inspector can determine likely problems and causes, it is highly recommended to consult the opinion of a dock design and construction specialist in order to receive an accurate diagnosis. But, that’s not to say that home inspectors that are certified by the ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) are not to be trusted in this matter. Marine structures are simply different by nature and require a highly trained eye.

2. Be familiar with Florida’s coastal homes.

One thing to be wary of when considering purchasing waterfront property is the age of the home and its constituent parts. Many of Florida’s coastal homes are older and therefore their docks and seawalls are as well. Natural deterioration or improper construction methods could be potential issues you may run into with these properties so be sure to have an inspection before committing to a waterfront home.

3. Be proactive!

Have your home and dock inspected thoroughly before making your final decision to buy! Seek the expertise of a Florida dock design specialist and be sure that the entirety of your dock’s structure is being inspected. It never hurts to ask questions and practice proper maintenance habits to guarantee that your dock is up to the highest standards for fun in the sun! Don’t fall victim like many uninformed buyers do.

It is highly recommended to conduct a pre-market inspection to ensure a smooth sale of your home or waterfront property. You never know what sort of maintenance issues could be right under your nose!

As Florida state certified contractors, Gibson Marine brings experience and knowledge that is unmatched by competitors in the industry.

In addition, we offer annual maintenance and additional dock services. Never hesitate to contact us for information regarding Florida dock inspections, dock maintenance, dock design, engineering and construction.

Call us at 727-942-3111. We would love to assist. Marine structures for waterfront homes are not just our livelihood, we love them and live here too!

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