Things You Should Know About Your Florida Dock

Florida Dock Gazebo Design

Florida Docks Should Be Multi-Functional

The next best thing to having a Florida dock, is shopping for a new one. Even if you are updating an existing dock, today’s marine structures are designed to be multi-functional. They exist as more than simply a platform to moor a vessel.

Alternative Uses for Florida Boat Docks

The primary distinguishing factor about docks and decks in Florida is first of all, you are able to enjoy them for more months during the year. Other than that, defining the space with some affordable additions will give an existing dock new life:

Create Your Ideal Fishing Spot

From the comfort of your own backyard, outfit the dock with sturdy, waterproof cabinetry to accommodate tackle and gear. Add an outdoor frig and bolt chairs to the dock and you have a customized fishing getaway steps from your home.

Build a Waterfront Garden

There’s nothing like enjoying views from your lanai out to a beautiful sea of blooms and herbs as they take in the sunshine. Extend the gardening space you’ve designated on your deck out to your dock. Installing rectangular box planters offers the most flexibility to adapt the plantings with the changing seasons.

Relax on Your Florida Dock on Your Days Off

Love to read? Listen to a ballgame on the radio? While we do advise this particular dock improvement be made in association with a Florida marine construction specialist, you can have a section of dock planking removed to make way for the insertion of hammock netting. Secured to the dock, you can enjoy a refreshing dip while staying above water level!

Escape the Florida Heat

It can be the hottest part of the day or the onset of a passing shower, and you’ll not miss a beat enjoying your brunch and mimosas. Mounting a gazebo to your boat dock will transform it and your outdoor lifestyle. Set up a dining table, or place outdoor furniture to optimize this open-air setting while expanding your real estate’s living space.

And in more Florida dock news, we do suggest you think twice before attempting a Dock DIY Project.

Here at Gibson Marine, we recommend that homeowners take an active interest in learning the right techniques for keeping marine structures viable, but there is a distinction that must be made.

Florida Dock and Deck Safety

Once you live on the water, you are unlikely to ever wish to live anywhere that doesn’t boast those views.

  • For the safety of your children and your neighbors’ children, removable fence barriers may be affixed around a dock’s perimeter to provide an extra layer of security. In a variety of styles, many crafted of a commercial mesh and offer a transparent effect, the safety fence does not obstruct the water views.
  • Children should also be taught to respect the water and the potential dangers it poses. Swimming lessons are a must, but learning to observe rules and read signage posted about water conditions is the priority for life at the water’s edge.
  • As the homeowner, it is essential to remain compliant with local laws as they exist to protect the community’s citizens.

Experienced Florida Dock Builders

We are in the Florida marine construction business and employ professionals who have been constructing docks, decks, and seawalls for over thirty years.

Even though we know what we are doing, we never take a chance on any of our employees getting hurt or putting them in an untenable position. Safety is always our first step and defines everything we do. We suggest you too observe safety at all times, and enjoy life at the water’s edge. Contact Gibson Marine Construction for more information on building or repairing your Florida dock.

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