Rebuilding After Hurricane Irma: Seawall and Dock Repair

From flattening complete communities in Key West to record flooding in Jacksonville, Hurricane Irma left a path of damage and destruction as she bulldozed her way through the state of Florida. Damage estimates attributed to the hurricane are all over the board, but the experts do seem to agree on one thing: Hurricane Irma will be among the costliest hurricanes of all time.

Rebuilding and Repairing the Damage from Hurricane Irma

Florida communities will be recovering from Hurricane Irma related damage for months to come. As the damage recovery effort continues and it comes time to focus on your dock and seawall repairs, call on the experts at Gibson Marine Construction.

Seawall Damage Due to Hurricanes

When a seawall is built, seawall construction experts must take into account the pressure being exerted on a seawall by the water it is protecting the property from. They must also account the pressure exerted on the seawall by the land and dirt behind it. Keeping the pressure balance is key to quality seawall construction.

Many people would assume that seawall damage by hurricanes would be due to the surges of water coming toward the land. But that assumption is incorrect. Most seawall damage from hurricanes happens before the water surge, when the water is sucked out away from land. The pressure of the land and dirt combined with the pressure of water rushing outward, and the lack of support by the water on the other side of the wall creates too much pressure being exerted in a single direction. This can cause a seawall to crack or even crumble.

Seawall Inspection and Repairs

Since the water often returns to normal levels before property owners are able to inspect the seawall this damage can be hidden. So even if your property wasn’t flooded during Hurricane Irma, she could still have caused damage to your seawall. Get your seawall inspected for damage. It is better to error on the side of caution and ensure your seawall is in proper working order before the next hurricane heads your way.

Dock Damage and Repair

By now, we have all seen an assortment of photos featuring overturned and damaged boats due to Hurricane Irma. And all too often the docks they were anchored against suffered some storm damage as well.

So while your boat is undergoing any clean up or repair efforts, don’t forget to schedule the same type of treatment for your dock. Have your dock inspected for damage and make the repairs necessary to get your dock back to working order. That way you can relax knowing your dock is a safe place for your family to enjoy.

Gibson Marine Construction: Fast, Efficient, Professional Dock and Seawall Repair Services

Are you in need of professional seawall and dock repair services? Gibson Marine Construction is the company you can rely on. With over 30 years of experience, these professionals can be trusted to ensure your seawall and dock repairs are done right.

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