Enhance Your Property by Adding a Boat Dock

The Top Three Reasons to Add a Boat Dock to Your Waterfront Property

Even if you do not own a boat (yet), there are still plenty of advantages to adding a boat dock to your waterfront property. Here are the top three:

Easy Access to the Water

Boat docks make it easy to access the water along your waterfront property. Even if you don’t own a boat (yet), it doesn’t mean you won’t use the dock.

The dock can be used as a launching point for other water activities such as getting in an early morning kayaking session or a place the kids can learn how to paddleboard. Plus, if you have lived along the Florida waterfront for some time, you likely have accumulated some friends with a boat or jet skis. It makes it easy for them to drop by and invite you out for an afternoon on the water.

Additional Outdoor Living Space

A dock is also a great way to expand your outdoor living space. Set up a few outdoor chairs on the dock where you can go to enjoy a cup of joe before starting the day. Or deck it out with a living room style seating area, a small tiki bar and outdoor lighting for an evening of drinks on the dock at dusk.

The best part about creating the dock space is being able to design it around your vision, making it into whatever type of space your heart desires.

Add to Your Property Value

Enhancing your property by adding desirable features, such as a dock, will almost always add to your property value if the work is done right. And if you ever decide to sell your home, a private dock is a great feature to help entice potential buyers and in some cases increase the sale price. After all, isn’t direct access to the water part of the waterfront lifestyle every Florida waterfront home buyer wants?

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