The 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season

The 2022 Atlantic hurricane season officially kicks off today, June 1, 2022 and will run through the end of November. Learn what the experts are predicting for the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season.

The Colorado State University (CSU) Tropical Meteorology Project, a respected authority on hurricanes is predicting a busy Atlantic hurricane season in 2022. Here are the numbers:

  • 19 named storms
  • 9 hurricanes
  • 4 major hurricanes

NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center, a division of the National Weather Service is predicting the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season to have:

  • 14-21 named storms
  • 6-10 hurricanes
  • 3-6 major hurricanes

Another Above-Average Hurricane Season in 2022

Meteorologists at NOAA are estimating a 65% chance of 2022 being another above-normal hurricane season. And this year is likely to have increased activity due to several climate factors, including:

  • Current conditions favoring La Niña
  • Above average sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea
  • Weaker tropical Atlantic trade winds
  • Enhanced West African monsoon season

La Niña Advisory (NOAA)

NOAA is maintaining a La Niña Advisory, saying that La Niña is favored to continue through the summer with a 59% chance of remaining into July, August, and September. There is also just over a 50% chance of La Niña persisting into the fall. And if La Niña lasts into the winter, we could see a very rare third consecutive La Niña, which has only ever occurred twice since 1950, when they started keeping records.

The continuation of La Niña signals the likelihood of stronger for longer and potentially more damaging hurricanes. Just take a look at the previous two La Niña hurricane seasons. The 2021 Atlantic hurricane season produced 21 named storms, the third most on record. While the prior season (2020), was a record-breaking season, with thirty named storms, including a record seven major hurricanes.

Are You Prepared for the 2022 Atlantic Hurricane Season?

Knowing your hurricane risk and knowing your hurricane evacuation route are two of the most important items to check off of your list.

Pinellas County, Florida Hurricane Evacuation Zone Changes for 2022 Hurricane Season

Pinellas County, Florida recently updated hurricane evacuation zones for the 2022 hurricane season. This change has affected approximately 48K households – many of which were moved from a lower-risk zone to a higher-risk zone. To look up your evacuation zone or learn about evacuation zone changes visit the Pinellas County Storm Tools website page.

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