Are You Prepared for the 2010 Hurricane Season?

Owners of waterfront property understand the possibility of violent storms that bring and those gale force winds! Hurricane season is here and you need to be prepared.

To ensure the safety of you and property, it is important to tend to all necessary precautions that are imperative at the start of hurricane season – no minor details should be overlooked! The NOAA predicts 8 to 14 hurricanes during the 2010 hurricane season so time is of the essence.

Checklist Essentials to Prepare for the 2010 Hurricane Season

There are certain essentials that should always be considered upon making your own checklist. Among these are water, non-perishable food, radio, batteries, and important documents. Make sure that you have a minimal of 1 gallon a day per person for anywhere from three to seven days. Non-perishable foods include canned items, snacks in sealable bags, and liquids such as juices that hold good amounts of sugar. A radio will allow for you to keep contact with what is going on and update with frequent weather reports. Batteries will not only power your radio but ensure that light is possible with a flashlight even after the sun goes down. Important documents need to be maintained in a water sealed case which can include but not limited to insurance, financial account numbers, social security cards, and medical records.

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