Gibson Marine Construction announces completion of seawall project for Gulf Island Condominiums

PASCO COUNTY, FL – Gibson Marine Construction is pleased to announce the completion of a 350-foot seawall project at Gulf Island Condominiums in Hudson, Florida.  The project began in January and was completed before anticipated in only four weeks.

The seawall project at Gulf Island consisted of installing 350-feet of ESP 8.5 vinyl sheet piling, cap, anchoring system and sidewalk.  Gibson Marine Construction uses a high performance vinyl and composite sheet piling providing protection against corrosion, erosion and UV damage from the sun.  A seawall, also known as a bulkhead or retaining wall, keeps the water from eroding the soil back into the water.

Ed Breese, Gulf Island Condominium Homeowners Association President said, “We are quite pleased with the results of this project.  Gibson helped us design the seawall to protect our property and to prevent erosion.  The retaining wall was built very quickly and the residents have done nothing but compliment Gibson’s work.  The team was cooperative and responsive throughout the process and we are very satisfied with the product, construction quality and service.”

Gibson Marine Construction are state certified general contractors and have over 30 years of local experience in building seawalls, docks and installing boat lifts for homeowners, resort communities, golf courses and developers.  Owner Eric Swauger said he “is thrilled with the way this project progressed.  The project was completed ahead of schedule and within budget, a standard for all of our projects.”

For more information about Gibson Marine Construction’s services and experience, please call 727-942-3111 or contact us here.

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