How to know when your seawall needs repair or replacement

If you live in a waterfront property, you know that the seawalls are the most important part of the property.

Your seawall provides you the most barrier but one that is most often ignored. When is the last time you looked at it? Have you had it examined by a professional to determine its current condition or the life expectancy of your wall? Are you financially prepared to repair the wall if and when it fails? Unlike a roof that leaks until you repair it – a seawall ages slowly and gives no warning that it is failing – it goes and when it does it can take the entire building right into the water.

A seawall that is properly maintained can last from 30-50 years, if not properly maintained you can expect to have to repair it in as little as 20 years. If you haven’t had your wall examined recently and you’re unsure if it is in need of repair, here are few ways to tell:

• Does your seawall cap have cracks or have any portions broken off?
• Does your seawall have any deteriorating slabs?
• Are your slabs leaning?
• Are there visible rust stains?
• Is the stress beam failing?
• Are you losing soil behind the wall?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time to call in a professional to repair or replace your seawall. Seawalls are not typically insurable, so having it properly maintained can help you avoid disastrous repair bills when it fails. Call us today for a free consultation…it will save you in the long run! (727) 942-3111 or email

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