How Sound is Your Seawall?

Keeping the waterfront views homeowners love so well requires maintaining the integrity of their property with properly designed seawalls that are professionally constructed from durable materials.

Even though a design may suit the conditions and the construction is engineered to last, neither of these variables can overcome the impact of inferior materials.

To keep both our reputation and the seawalls we install intact, we only use products built to last with qualities to withstand the elements. The goal of a seawall is to keep the water at bay so it doesn’t invade your property. For our seawalls we use Everlast Synthetic Products (ESP) and Shoreline Plastics (SLP).

1. First of all, a seawall constructed from vinyl is easier to install. The flexibility of the material also lends itself to design alternatives. The lengths are custom and width and thickness vary between sheet profiles so the seawall is not only functional, but can actually be stylish.

2. Vinyl is a proven enemy of environmental forces that undermine seawalls made from other materials. They still provide the same utility to protect waterfront property from erosive storm surges, but vinyl is impervious to:

  • UV damage
  • Deterioration endured by lumber
  • Corrosion – the enemy of aluminum and steel
  • Destruction by marine borers

3. Another plus about vinyl seawalls is that they retain their appearance over time. Although wood that ages gracefully is a plus in an antique rocking chair, it is not necessarily the material you want protecting your property investment.

4. And the final point about the advantages of vinyl seawalls is the price. They last much longer than those fabricated from other materials. A longer lifetime means a longer interval that you have viable protection. Also, when the material itself is easier to work with, it drives down the installation time.

There’s nothing like living on the water. The only drawback is that there are aspects of it which require a good deal of maintenance. A vinyl seawall will easily give you one less thing to worry about. At Gibson Marine, the only way we are able to deliver what we promise is by combining our expertise with top-quality products.

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