Underwater Dock Lighting – Take Back the Night!

It’s not only because we’re in the business of seawall construction and the great outdoors that we believe most exterior structures are an extension of your home. Living the waterfront lifestyle, decks and docks serve their purpose, but they also provide additional square footage to entertain and to expand on your scenic views.

Like most construction today, the selection of materials are virtually endless as are the design possibilities. (Think concrete countertops for kitchens! A material not typically associated with the finished side of a home, but they’ve proven a popular choice.)

In other words, tradition has gone out the proverbial bay window. When it comes to dock construction and design, whether a fixed or a floating wood structure, you can dress your dock to distinguish it to reflect your personal style. We insist on the finest structural materials like stainless steel screws and marine-grade, pressure treated lumber, extruded PVC, composite decking and pressure treated lumber for decks; but nuances like custom lighting design can give your dock that splash of individuality!

Landscape and Dock Lighting
Dock lighting is of course a precaution to illuminate structural outlines for the safety of you and your boat’s passengers. Along with seawall and perimeter lighting, we can also install fixtures along handrails and posts, along the edges of steps and to outline pilings and pathways. Whether surface mounted or recessed and flush, you can make a statement with your outdoor fixture types just as you do for your home’s interior.
Your dock’s lighting can be fashioned as an extension of your yard’s lighting so the views from your marine craft are simply spectacular — highlighting your favorite landscaping and property features and shining subtle light on them to enhance the overall scene.

Underwater Lighting to Attract Fish
For our clients who don’t think there are enough hours in the day to fish, (or their 9-5 job just keeps getting in the way!), underwater lighting systems can draw large schools of fish; basically right to your doorstep.

Besides those obvious advantages, the attraction of fish to your dock at night just adds to the natural beauty of your piece of the waterfront. Again, that design can be integrated into the rest of your landscape lighting for a finished look.

You can’t improve on the spectacular beauty of Mother Nature, but you can make sure you are able to appreciate it after nightfall by using outdoor lighting systems as architectural accents.

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