How to Soak Up Life at the Water’s Edge

If you have the good fortune of living on the water, you want to enjoy every scenic aspect. By bringing the “inside, out” your backyard design can reflect an extension of your home with an outdoor kitchen, dining table, umbrella, and perhaps a hammock or two!

Whether or not you own a boat, your boat dock can also add some precious outdoor estate to your backyard oasis.

If your property doesn’t have one, consider building a dock – it will add to your home’s value while providing a space to host year-round Florida BBQs or relax with a chaise lounge and a good book.

  1. Every design plan begins with a wish list. How do you want to use the dock? If not as a boat launch, should it be floating or free standing? What materials suit the purpose and your style? A wooden dock or one made from composite decking? Pressure treated lumber? Extruded PVC? As part of this inspiration phase, take a look at sites like Pinterest for innovative uses of outdoor living space.
  2. What is your budget? With the deck materials and construction methods available, anything is essentially possible. But those materials and project scope including extras like dock lighting, fencing, railings, benches, plumbing, power pedestals, ladders, and pilings are all components which add functionality. These also increase the number at your budget’s bottom line. By comparing your budget against your wish list, you can decide what items are the most important depending on utility.
  3. What is your waterfront? Is your property on an inlet, a lake, the Gulf of Mexico? Your design must also be practical to suit the water conditions and its depth. Part of the evaluation phase with your dock contractor will include this type of survey which takes these into consideration as well as weather variations throughout the seasons and tidal patterns.
  4. Permitting and construction – while we take care of all these arrangements on your behalf, it is good to be acquainted with local regulations. Additionally, if your property is governed by an HOA (Homeowners Association) there may be compliances to which construction of any kind must conform, as well as prior authorization from the community board. Bear in mind that some of these boards convene sporadically, so it is not a bad idea to obtain the paperwork and their meeting schedule ahead of time. You’d hate to submit the application only to find they have adjourned for the summer.

Be certain to follow your HOA’s specifications about posting permits/proper authorization notices, and the hours when work can be in progress. (There’s always that one neighbor who is likely to report every infraction!)

When working with dock construction specialists like Gibson Marine, we will step you through every phase while making sure you are happy, and of course compliant with your county and your HOA. We think it is just a great idea to be prepared with all questions and considerations so you are absolutely thrilled with the final result! Call us at 727-942-3111 if you have any questions at all! We look forward to hearing from you.

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