Bedeck Your Dock for the Holidays

If your decorating budget is limitless, you are probably having a professional decorator dress your home and boat dock for the holidays. However, if the seasonal embellishment of your property rests solely on your shoulders, making your outdoors festive is easy   .

The only real caveats concern safety:

  • Make sure all lighting and/or décor is rated to be used outdoors
  • Be certain that nothing presents a tripping hazard

Other than that, you are good to decorate your dock for the holidays! As wonderful as it is to live on the water with its unique lifestyle and scenery, decorating your outdoor space makes certain times of year extra special and shows the neighborhood you are full of cheer! What effect is more striking than little white lights twinkling across the water?

Less is More When it Comes to Décor

Deck railings are probably the best surface to garnish. By stringing lights that outline the deck or are scalloped from the handrails, you can give just the right touch of twinkle.

Since docks in Florida don’t get the glistening benefits of a light snow dusting, you can take a potted palm and decorate it with ornaments or even some tinsel. Take a few chairs and add seasonally colored cushions.

If you already have a dock lighting design in place, consider a motif of red velveteen bows or decorate existing planters with lights and even waterproof ribbon. Little flourishes will go a long way when they are placed properly to enhance effect.

Protect Your Dock

Depending on your dock’s material, be sure to use the right method to attach light strings. If you own a pressure treated wood dock, you may already have a line-up of stainless steel screws from which to hang them. If a PVC dock, check with your marine construction company for the best adhesive that will remove easily, but resist the weather so your dock stays decorated!

Stemming the Holiday Décor Tide

Overall, decorating is great when you are in the planning stage and when you get to step back and admire your handiwork, but a good thing to consider is the time it will take to de-decorate! So before over-festooning, think about the sweat equity you need to spend taking it all down and trying to get everything to fit back in the boxes!

Make the Season Bright with Underwater Lighting

If you were considering adding this dimensional nuance to your Florida dock; now might be a good time. The balmy weather won’t hinder the installation and it could also make a lovely holiday gift, or at least a nice seasonal addition to give your shoreline a little lift! Infinite possibilities can be achieved with LED lights, ones that attract fish, spotlights, up-lighting; customizable adjustments are possible to create a variety of effects.

Florida’s exquisite coastline may not have the golden leaves of autumn or January’s shimmering icicles to naturally adorn its backyard space and waterfront docks, but hints of the holiday can be found in the trimmings added to your home’s docks and decks.

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