Five Favorite Florida Boat Dock Ideas


Boat docks are not just for boats. Yes, the name would imply that purpose, but part of living the Florida lifestyle means getting out into the beautiful sunshine.

And just because you live on the water does not mean you necessarily own a boat; nor does it preclude you from building a boat dock for alternative recreational reasons. Perhaps there’s an existing dock on your newly purchased property that needs a little love to realize its potential as valuable square footage.

These are some of our favorite design ideas/uses for boat docks, with or without a boat:

  1. Dock Gazebos – To enjoy your boat dock during the hottest part of the day and even to weather a light rain, there’s nothing like a dock-mounted gazebo. You can outfit it with couches or lounges, or even a traditional table and chairs for dining al fresco. Dress it up in tiny, white lights to give it a little flair, and even a decorative ceiling fan for both aesthetics and comfort.
  2. Garden – If horticulture is a passion of yours, no matter how spacious the grounds, you likely never feel you have enough room to watch your garden grow. Your dock can therefore serve as the ideal palette. Depending of course on its size, and the material of which it is constructed, you can outline the perimeter with rectangular planters which make it easy to add and remove flowers and shrubbery at will and according to season. There are plenty of plants that look as beautiful pre-bloom in the slightly cooler Florida temperatures, so you can appreciate a lovely spectacle year ‘round.
  3. Fishing pier – A lover of fishing? You are living in the right place. Enjoy your favorite pastime from the comfort of your own dock and fish to your heart’s content. Weatherproof cabinetry can be installed to house your tackle and gear, and if you really want to hook yourself up, you can add extras like an Adirondack fish chair, or just stick with your lucky aluminum folding beach chair (duct tape and all!). Make it your own and enjoy the day.
  4. Dock Hammocks – Once you start browsing for accessories to make your Florida dock more nuanced, you may have a tough time deciding. For example, in the absence of trees from which to anchor a hammock, a section of the planks can be removed and hammock netting inserted to skim the water’s surface and provide the ultimate flotation device.
  5. Extension of Your Yard – Consider your boat dock an extra allowance of your outdoor square footage. The motif that begins at your screened lanai can be carried right out to the water’s edge; even with the same cushions and colors to train the eye out to the shore, while perpetuating your décor.

It is cliché to say that the options are endless, but they really are. For your Florida boat dock, you can: paint it, stain it, decorate it, expand it, or simply luxuriate on your day off enjoying a pastime, dining, or taking a lazy nap.



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