Dock Lighting to Attract Fish

If you love to fish, you will find a way to make time to enjoy one of Florida’s favorite pastimes. There is an abundance of fishing charters and party boats to book, but ideally you have a best friend with a nice recreational fishing vessel.

Even if the craft you hoist into the water doesn’t rate a cover on Rod and Reel Magazine, you love it. Getting up at dawn and sneaking out of the house for a few hours to fish and watch the sunrise. You always hope for a nice haul, but bobbing on the crystal water indulging in the ancient and patient art of fishing is a great way to spend the morning.

If you are a Florida resident or vacationed here for any length of time, you know it is one of the prime fishing spots in the country: the freshwater White Bass, Channel and Flathead Catfish and Largemouth Bass; and the saltwater varieties including Blue Marlin, Grouper Blackfin, Snapper, Tarpon and Snook.

If you live along the Florida coastline, and have a dock on your property, you have likely considered using it to catch fish. What could be more convenient than to fish from the water’s edge of your own home and walk a couple of feet to get dinner started? The freshest catch of the day in minutes.

Just a Couple Tips about Dock Lights to Attract Fish

  1. As with anything that could impact the integrity of your marine structures, please feel free of course to contact us about permits or approvals you may need to obtain. These could be mandated by your county, your Florida subdivision, or any municipal entity with dominion over additions you wish to make. There are plenty governing dock construction itself, so you want to be sure you don’t spend money on something you will have to remove and then pay a fine for — to add insult to injury.
  2. In today’s Internet shopping world, beware of scams. Anyone can put up a website and make claims about the schools of fish that practically leapt up onto the dock in a frenzy because they were summoned by the green light – like a Batman response in Gotham City. Again, we are happy to advise you on some products that have some proven success before you start drilling into your dock.
  3. Which brings us to the third point. Before you make any modifications to your dock, make sure it has undergone a thorough inspection. If it is a pressure-treated wood dock, you’ll want to confirm there is no splintering or splitting before potentially exacerbating the problem by adding lighting. Depending on those fish lights, be certain you have sufficient power; and if you are adding electrical to your dock, it must be up to code for safety and compliance reasons.

There are some things that sound so good to be true that they probably aren’t. So do your homework, check your dock’s ability to support an addition to it, and always ask a professional marine specialist. It’s what we do.

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