Florida Seawalls and the Materials That Support Them

In landscape architecture, retaining walls provide the function that retards erosion while adding style to the overall design. Concrete, brick, natural stone; their configurations are endless – some are truly inspired and lend an ornamental touch that distinguishes a front lawn or a backyard retreat.

Seawalls are a Super Retaining Wall that Retard Erosion

Their purpose is to retard erosion, but they are between a rock and a hard place so to speak. Seawalls are subjected to the relentless force of water trying to work against them. Not to say that these walls are less aesthetically pleasing than a wall whose purpose is to control moisture runoff and provide an effective drainage system.

Seawalls have come a long way from solid blocks of concrete devoid of character. As a weekend warrior you may wish to tackle an array of landscape design ideas, but when it comes to seawalls, you’re going to need a professional.

Florida Seawalls Function as an Extension of Your Property

In Florida, seawalls are not simply delineations, some provide a usable surface that almost acts as an extension of your property. (Not true necessarily of rip rap seawall, but those materials boast their own unique charm because of their ability to naturally integrate into the surrounding area.)

Vinyl Sheet Piling for Seawalls

The use of vinyl sheet piling for seawalls bestows a great deal of flexibility. Inherent in the composition of the material is an opportunity for the ultimate creativity. Even better, vinyl sheet piling offers an appealingly appearance, due in part by the flexibility of a vinyl seawall. They are resistant to damage caused by UV rays, and are impervious to rot and corrosion; and even the devastation caused by marine borers.

What else do we like as far as using vinyl in seawall installations? Overall, their installation is actually easier than that of other materials. Because it is more impact resistant, the installation is more efficient, and that gets us out of a client’s way sooner!

Rip Rap and Wood Seawalls

Again, your seawall installation should not only do the job, it should look the way you want it to. Beyond the design itself; the material makes a strong statement.

A rip rap seawall – constructed from stone – may appear like a jumbled collection, but those elements are intentionally placed to function optimally as they are laid atop an underlayment as a foundation. Rip rap provides a unique look and even acts as a natural environment for marine life.

Wood seawalls could be considered the most traditional. They do tend to be cost effective at first installation, but they do of course have their vulnerabilities. The seawall owner will need to be cognizant of the need for more frequent inspections and vigilance about repairs. Marine grade pressure treated woods are your first line of defense, but the beauty of that more organic look does come with a price of sorts: maintenance.

Tampa Bay, Florida’s Seawall Construction Specialists

As Florida marine construction specialists, we issue 25 year warranties against our labor, but you can’t beat the additional assurances from the manufacturers either. You can get up to 50 years on vinyl seawalls. If you need a seawall or are interested in making a change to one, give us a call for a consultation at 727-942-3111 or complete the website contact form. We can even support your landscaping vision!

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