You Can Get a Lot of Mileage from a Floating Dock

Floating docks are certainly the ideal solution for many reasons. First of all, they offer innate flexibility. They can be added as an extension of a fixed dock–literally providing that extra square footage we seem to crave once we are living life at the water’s edge. With a floating dock as an extension, you can use a fixed dock for furniture and storage and shade umbrellas, and the floating dock to moor your water vessels.

Whether or not you own a boat, if you are living on the water, you are already familiar with the associated maintenance. It could be saltwater or extreme temperature swings, or both; but here in Florida – if you don’t count the occasional hurricane, you can keep your floating dock safe and operational with some pretty straightforward steps. Besides, if you do need to replace your dock, the swap out is less intrusive than ripping down and installing a new fixed one.

Floating Dock Maintenance and Construction

For PVC or composite surfaces, soap and water will do the trick. If you have a power washer, that will be a time saver of course, but we always recommend a thorough inspection before and after cleaning. Depending on how your floating dock is affixed to your seawall or coastline will determine what you need to inspect. Routine inspections rule out the creation of dangerous situations.

Some people do enjoy the challenge installing their own floating dock provides. If so, do not skimp. The hardware you use should be stainless or galvanized, or at the very least, marine-environment rated. Zinc or copper grease can be swiped on the bolt threads too before tightening any nuts.

Floating docks are ideal for areas with fluctuating tides, and most can remain in the water. They can assume a variety of shape configurations; you can really get more creative than you would imagine with something which is a removable addition.

Docks in a Storm

There’s nothing like a fixed dock for the creativity and just the presence their construction evokes, but there is also no doubt about the flexibility a floating dock provides. When Florida gets hit with some crazy storms, and even during the rainy season when the wind kicks up, the first thing residents are instructed to do is to take in outdoor furniture and anything that could get swept away and cause destruction or injury. This is of course true for floating docks. Since they can be detached, there is less likelihood of their getting beaten up and damaged when secured away.

As a marine construction company, we design, manufacture, and install all kinds of custom fixed and floating docks. It is interesting today how much design inspiration our clients provide. As professionals, we genuinely appreciate these collaborations. Sites like Pinterest illustrate unique add-ons for floating docks like: doggie ladders, dock swings, dock launchers for kayaks and canoes. Literally, something for everyone with expanded features to enhance the traditional installations. These embellishments contribute to showcasing your unique style as an extension of your home and outdoor space.

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