Floating Docks vs. Fixed Docks

Like any structure, its design should suit the environment and the need. As marine construction specialists, we delve into the way the property owner wishes to use the dock as well as the types of aqua vehicles that will be moored to it.

Buying any kind of structure that must sit on a surface as unpredictable as water is one that should be carefully engineered and customized, or at least determined to be the right fit for the need.

The Perfect Sidecar

A floating dock can easily be a standalone solution. Their innate “flexibility” makes them the perfect foundation to skim the surface of a tranquil lake, or sustain footing over fluctuating tides, and most can remain in the water.

You may also want to consider installing a floating dock as an extension of your fixed one. Sometimes a more cost-effective solution, floating docks can be installed alongside a fixed dock to provide additional square footage.

We appreciate these insights posted on Gulf Coast Fisherman, written by a floating dock manufacturer:

  1. One option is a modular dock. It is sold in sections and assembled like building blocks, using connectors. Sections can be added as budget permits, or arranged into a new configuration to accommodate an owner’s growing inventory of watercraft.
  2. Another thing to examine when choosing a floating dock is whether it is constructed of low- or no-maintenance material. This can offer tremendous time and labor savings, especially at the beginning of boating, fishing or swimming season. Docks made of plastic, such as polyethylene, do not need painting or staining and won’t rot or cause splinters like wooden docks. A safe, slip-resistant dock surface is another important feature.
  3. Finally, the right dock should be environmentally friendly as well. Docks made of Styrofoam blocks can be eaten by hungry wildlife or deteriorate over time. Choosing a dock made of recyclable, air-filled polyethylene eliminates pollution from bits of Styrofoam breaking off into the water.

Installing a Floating Dock

Our words of caution include knowing what you are doing. DIY television programming has enabled homeowners to hone skills they never thought they possessed. It is both liberating and gratifying to create an improvement.

  • For those living at the water’s edge, some people enjoy the challenge installing their own floating dock provides. The only problem is that people trying to install something that sits on water may be pushing the boundaries of safety. Small children, pets, anyone is actually vulnerable to the unpredictability of the water and its tides.
  • In taking on such a DIY project, there also exists a tendency to be sparing on materials and fittings quality. Do not skimp.
  • The hardware you use should be stainless or galvanized, or at the very least, marine-environment rated. Zinc or copper grease can be swiped on the bolt threads too before tightening any nuts.

As a marine construction company, we design, manufacture, and install all kinds of custom fixed and floating docks. A limitless variety of configurations await your inspiration, and our expertise!


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