The Best Platform for Relieving Stress

We are marine structure contractors. Besides getting to spend every day designing, engineering, and building docks and decks, we even get into the water to conduct inspections on seawalls and repair those mightiest of barriers. The environment in which we work is one of the most beautiful; it beats the four walls of an office, any day!

So while everyone is not as lucky perhaps to work for Gibson Marine, or even to live in the homes by Florida’s coastline; it’s all out there. In other words, if life is getting stressful, go take a walk!

Stress in Our Lives

It’s everywhere. The stress we put on ourselves and the contribution to it by others. Then there’s that consistent accessibility by our clients and our employers and our jobs, permitted thanks to technology. No one is every off the clock. All of these factors add up to the statistics that support the impact of stress on body and mind.

There are however, ways to manage stress naturally.

Outdoor walking: Walking is an inexpensive, low-risk and easiest accessible form of exercise. It significantly contributes to enhanced mental health and well-being.

Exercise: Studies have proved that daily physical exercises help protect brain from stress-induced depression. One should ensure physical activity like walking, jogging, playing games like tennis or football on a daily basis for at least 30 minutes as it rejuvenates one’s mind and senses.

Whether or not your dock has a boot moored to it, don’t forget about it. Never take it for granted, but look at this space as one in which to unwind. Pop in to earbuds and enjoy the view. Or pack a cooler, grab a few chairs, and invite some friends over. Having a front row seat to this kind of scenery is what your doctor would order if a pharmacy could dispense this kind of stress therapy.

We as a culture are so connected to our technology and streaming Netflix we forget about communing with nature. We are missing out on that primordial connection which preceded the WIFI ones. The ones that strip away everything external with the exception of the landscape.

While Gibson Marine can’t take totally take the credit for removing the stress from your life, we are experts at building the structures that provide the literal platform on which to do just that.

With the exception of people who are naturally drawn to sports and running and hiking, there is a huge number of Americans who spend entirely too much time indoors; contributing to the national obesity number.

Getting out in the Florida Sunshine offers a tremendous opportunity to bask, to rejuvenate. There’s just something about strolling along a wooden dock with white sands to your left, and an expanse of crystal blue water to your right. It calms and soothes. Put down the iPad and go take a walk.

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