Landscape Lighting

Shine a Light on Your Waterfront Property with Landscape Lighting

Professional outdoor landscape lighting can enhance the beauty of your waterfront property. And a custom landscape lighting design may help to increase the value of your property by:

  • Highlighting the beauty of your home and property
  • Offering additional functionality options
  • Adding a safety element

Landscape Lighting Helps to Highlight the Beauty of Your Property

A custom landscape lighting design can be used to draw attention to specific features of your home or property that you would like to highlight. Some of these features may include:

Softscape Elements of Your Landscape Design

  • Shrubbery
  • Trees
  • Flowers or flower beds
  • Grassy areas
  • Gardens

Hardscape Elements of Your Landscape Design

  • Access points such as walkways, driveways, docking areas, doorways, or gates
  • Seating areas such as patios, decks, porch swings, or benches
  • Design features such as fountains, arbors, or walls

Landscape Lighting Can Add Additional Functionality to Outdoor Areas

Landscape lighting may help you enjoy certain aspects of your property more. It can help you to see better when swimming in your pool after dark or shine some light in the areas around your hot tub allowing you to see your surroundings while relaxing in the hot water.

Landscape Lighting Adds an Element of Safety

It can be as simple as highlighting a walkway for guests arriving or leaving after dark. Or it can be part of a more complex calculation, as part of the equation used to deter crime.

Landscape Lights Along Walkways and Driveways Help Visitors Navigate Better

Illuminated paths help to prevent injuries caused by people stumbling in areas where they aren’t able to see well. Some home insurance policies may even give you a discount, saving you money for adding safety features, like outdoor lighting to your property. Check with your insurance company to find out what discounts they offer and what requirements must be met.

Outdoor Lighting May Help Deter Criminals

One of the more popular recommendations for preventing home burglaries is implementing a strategy called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). Studies show that when implementing a CPTED strategy effectively, which includes the strategic placement of outdoor lighting, these practices can reduce crime by 30 to 84 percent.

Call the Landscape Lighting Experts at Gibson Marine Construction

Keep your beautifully landscaped yard from disappearing into the darkness when the sun falls below the horizon. The landscape lighting experts at Gibson Marine Construction can design a custom lighting plan that highlights the beauty of your waterfront property and gives you the added peace of mind that comes from illuminating the area around your home.

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