Fixed Boat Dock

The Advantages of Owning a Fixed Boat Dock

Just as there are a lot of advantages to owning a floating dock, there are also a lot of great advantages to owning a fixed boat dock.This post will focus on the advantages of owning a fixed dock.


Since floating docks sit on top of the water, they are affected by the movement of the water. Waves can impact floating docks and cause them to bounce up and down on the water, just as a boat or other watercraft would. Therefore, fixed docks are usually the better choice for areas that have strong tides or currents and/or a lot of wave action, such as high traffic areas.

Professional Installation

Since a fixed dock is almost always considered a structure, certain building protocols need to be followed. These may include (but are not limited to):

  • Pulling proper building permits
  • Following state and local building guidelines, such as hiring a state certified contractor
  • Using specialty equipment for work when required
  • Using only approved marine-grade materials on the project

Hiring professional dock builders can be more costly than doing it yourself, but it will likely take less time to complete the project. You can also rest assured knowing it was built properly and will safely support your friends and family.

The state certified contractors at Gibson Marine Construction are the ideal experts to build your fixed dock for you. They offer turnkey services, handling every aspect of the project for you from start to finish. You can sit back and relax while they do all the heavy lifting.

Custom Designs and Quality Materials

Hiring the experts to build your fixed dock also comes with another great perk. There’s a wide variety of dock designs and building materials to choose from. You can flip through pictures of docks to find one you like, or work with the design experts at Gibson Marine to create a custom design just for you.

An Extension of Your Living Space

Fixed docks can support more weight than a floating dock, and with stability not being an issue, there are a lot more options for adding your own touch to the space. Here are just a few options:

  • Add outdoor furniture for a comfortable seating place by the water
  • Add a kitchen and/or grilling area to easily clean-up and/or cook up the fresh catch of the day
  • Install a bar area to easily enjoy boat drinks down by the water
  • Add railings and/or lighting to enhance the ambiance
  • Add useful accessories such as power pedestals, benches with built-in storage space, or ones that are more fun like dock swings or swim benches.

Withstand a Storm

Fixed docks are made with high quality materials and sturdy construction allowing them to remain in place during a severe weather event such as a hurricane. With a fixed dock, there is no need to rush around and worry about getting it into storage, unlike its counterpart, the floating dock that should be removed from the water before a storm. This time saved can be especially beneficial if you are ordered to evacuate the area quickly due to an impending weather event.

But no matter what type of dock you have, following evacuation orders and getting your loved ones out of the area quickly and safely should always be your top priority.

The Fixed Boat Dock Experts: Gibson Marine Construction

If you would like to add a fixed boat dock to your property, call Gibson Marine Construction. They are experts at designing and constructing docks. They will ensure you get the fixed boat dock that best suits your wants and needs.

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