Child safety fences safeguard children and pets from accidents

Have you ever considered your backyard a dangerous place? Waterfront property and pool owners face the challenge of protecting their children, pets and visitors from accidents. Owners must be proactive and invest in some form of protection to safeguard their loved ones. Child safety fences are an attractive and safe way to do just that.

Statistics say that drowning is the primary death for children five and under?  In the United States, this is also the number one cause of accidental deaths for children ages one to five. In 69% of accidental deaths, parents or someone taking care of the child were present at home. Simple at-home tasks can sometimes get in the way and have been the major reasons for such drastic statistics. The point: these accidents could have been prevented. Child safety fences can be a nice and simple way to make your backyard a safe place for everyone!

Not only can these fences help protect your children but also your family pets and outside pesky intruders.  These fences are constructed so that a latch system keeps the gate from opening and high enough to make sure your little ones can’t find their way into the pool without direct supervision.

Ensuring your waterfront property (and pools) are not only attractive -but safe – is one of Gibson Marine’s specialties. We specialize in the highest quality, innovative fence layout design and installations. This safety product is an invaluable necessity and there is no skimping on quality of the finished product or the installation. Our child safety fences will truly save lives and we are proud to be experts here. Read more about our child safety fences and related waterfront accessories here.

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