4 Benefits of Vinyl Piling Seawalls

Living in Florida comes with a number of great benefits, such as year-round warm weather and beautiful coastal views. Residents of Florida have a responsibility to help protect the state’s shorelines, both along the coasts and inland waterways. Seawalls installed on your property help protect the shorelines of Florida by preventing soil erosion. As you consider upgrading your existing seawall or installing a new seawall on recently purchase property, Gibson Marine encourages you to consider the benefits of vinyl piling seawalls.


Vinyl Seawalls are Cost Effective

Compared to other materials used in the construction of seawalls, vinyl pilings are a more cost-effective solution than rock or steel. Any seawall construction project is a major marine undertaking, and comes with a comparable financial commitment. However, selecting vinyl pilings as a construction material lowers the overall initial investment, and lowers the maintenance and repair costs in the future as well.


Vinyl is Sustainable and Long Lasting

Tampa is one of the sunniest places in the Sunshine State. There are an average of 101 sunny days each year, and an additional 143 partly sunny days. In total, there are an average of 244 days of sunshine each year. The sun’s UV rays, along with marine boring organisms and critters, have met their match in the form of vinyl piling seawalls. The wind and waves aren’t the only threat to the longevity of your seawall. Overtime, boring organisms, sea critters, and UV rays from the sun can weaken your seawall.


Vinyl is impervious to all of these threats. While other materials corrode under the onslaught of saltwater, opening holes that can be exploited by waterborne organisms and critters, vinyl stands strong. On average, vinyl often comes with a 50-year guaranty from manufacturers, who stand behind claims that vinyl won’t crack, break, or deteriorate.


Vinyl Pilings are Easier to Install than Other Materials

As a homeowner, you might not be concerned at first about the ease or difficulty involved in the installation of your new seawall. Compared to materials such as steel, vinyl is more impact resistant. This means crews can pound the pilings into the ground with greater ease, making it easier to complete your new seawall in a shorter period of time. Although it may not seem like a big deal, the ease of installation means your property can be put back in order sooner and the large, loud equipment will be gone.


Vinyl Seawalls have Unbeatable Manufacturer Warranties

Vinyl piling manufacturers stand behind their products with warranties that are unmatched by other material providers in the industry. Whether its UV damage and cracking or corrosion and rotting, manufacturers offer warranties up to 50 years on vinyl piling seawalls.


If you have more questions about the benefits of vinyl piling seawalls on your property, feel free to contact Gibson Marine. Not only do we use high-performance vinyl with a 50-year warranty, we backup our workmanship with a 25-year warranty. Your seawall will stand the test of time to protect the soil and shoreline on your property!

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