Integrating Your Dock into Your Outdoor Space

As marine construction specialists in Florida, we are tremendous proponents of periodic dock inspections to:

  • Save you money in the long run so you will be able to stay ahead of the curve on repairs
  • Keep the structure safe for your family and friends
  • Preserve compliance with local homeowner association regulations
  • Prevent the structure from becoming an eyesore for your neighbors across the inlet!

Although we live in the Sunshine State and enjoy the majority of the calendar months outdoors, it is the sun that can wreak havoc on dock surfaces, right along with the wear it imposes on shingle roofs and paint jobs in general. Consistent maintenance is the key to keeping your dock’s integrity intact.

Decorating Your Waterfront Space

Here in Florida, waterfront real estate is one of our prides and joys of life on the Gulf Coast. Outdoor space is an extension of the indoors: sets of sliders open onto screened lanais, which reveal stunning vistas of the boat docks and water. You can create your own world essentially. One where all the components transition seamlessly into one another for a cohesive picture.


Dock-scaping is not really a word per se, but it can be applied to integrating those marine structures into your overall landscaping plan. By taking elements like shells, rocks, fountains, shrubbery, pathways constructed from pavers; their design and relation to one another will naturally train the eye to transition from one point to the next to the focal point or points you wish to showcase. Cost is always a consideration, but even a simple motif carried throughout your backyard space lends a consistent beauty.

Robust, flowering plants for example may be added to rustic outdoor planters. Placed around the perimeter of the lanai, along a fence, and then over onto the dock offers a design treatment that is both affordable and easy to swap out as the seasons change. A wide selection of LED lighting can also be positioned along pathways and the dock’s perimeter to add a soft glow to enjoy come dusk and into the evening.

Landscape architect Peter Langham describes the overall approach he employed when developing the design for an HGTV Dream Home by tying together the different sections that transitioned from the home’s staircase that descended from the outdoor deck, to the path, to the boardwalk, and onto the dock house with boat lift. “We tried to set up a series of visual experiences.”

Selling Your Waterfront Home

With the trends in playing up outdoor space, it stands to reason it too should be made home buyer-ready and benefit from staging just like the property’s interior. Planters, benches, dock lighting, even lounge chairs, a little table, and an umbrella can create a welcoming ambiance. Especially if your home’s dock is a little older, it can be contemporized by giving it a simple face lift with a gentle power wash, a new coat of sealant (if pressure treated wood) and a little splash of personality.

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