No waterfront? No Problem! How Decking can add Style and Purpose to your Summertime Florida Home

With summer just around the corner, you might be thinking about remodeling your yard to enjoy the warm months in the sun. Who says you need to be at a waterfront to enjoy the benefits of a visually-pleasing, functional deck? Although decking is usually associated with docks, pools, and waterfront homes, you can take advantage of this beautiful addition to your home even if you don’t live next to the water. An outdoor deck is a popular way for making better use of your living space and increasing home value without breaking the bank!

Quick and Inexpensive

In comparison to patios, decks are faster and cheaper to build ranging from an average of $20- $30 per square foot. Because decks can take as little as a week to build, you can be sure to have your new outdoors ready to enjoy well before summer. Another benefit of a deck is that the terrain doesn’t need to be levelled, and you can have a flat surface anywhere without having to pay for expensive retaining walls and dirt filling to level the ground.

Beauty with a Purpose

Just like the Miss World pageant, decks have beauty with a purpose. They add design to your home, making it more visually pleasant. Who doesn’t enjoy the natural look of wood complementing the yard and garden? Apart from being a decorative structure, a deck is functional for many reasons. Decks increase your living space, making room for an outdoors living room or barbecue area to enjoy alone or with guests. In addition, space under the deck is a great storage space for those “toys” like the kayak you once thought was a good idea but only ended up using once in a blue moon.

Safe for the Family

If you have children or pets, a deck is a better option for keeping them contained in an outdoor space. Our services include the construction of child safety fences, of which we are proud to be experts. We specialize in the highest, most innovative fence layout design and installation, without skimping on quality.

High Quality, Low Maintenance Relationship

Discouraged by the perceived upkeep and maintenance requirements of a deck? Gibson Marine Construction takes pride in providing different choices of quality materials. If taken care of the correct way, good decking can last a long time. Our composite decking with a 25 year warranty is an excellent option for those seeking to “keep it casual” with their decks without compromising in an exhausting relationship. Hosing down the surface with water every once in a while is more than enough for maintaining the long-lasting material and the mutually enjoyable relationship with your deck. We also offer extruded PVC with limited lifetime warranty, and pressure treated lumber for the more passionate deck lovers.

To discover what deck material and design better fits your needs, feel free to schedule a professional appointment with Gibson Marine Construction.


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