Repair or Despair? How the Condition of a Seawall Affects Your Home’s Value

Whether you’re thinking about buying a waterfront home or selling your little piece of paradise, your seawall is an important factor in determining the value of your property. Although investors and avid vacationers are always on the lookout for waterfront properties, an old, rickety, and dysfunctional seawall can be a turnoff to potential buyers, leaving you with no choice but to settle for a less-than-average bid for the property you once loved so much.

But why is a seawall even important? You’re ideally situated with ocean or gulf views – that’s what matters most, right? Not exactly. Home value can be severely decreased by a neglected seawall. On the other hand, a strong, seawall with integrity can actually increase home value! If you already have a seawall it is worth the few extra bucks to refurbish what can be an overlooked piece of your home.

Here are three reasons why giving your seawall some love before you sell will actually benefit you:

  1. Seawalls are an investment

A seawall will cost approximately $350 per linear foot, depending on what materials are used. This is why if the property already has a seawall, it will save the buyers a lot of money.

Most common seawall fixes include:

  • Well point drainage systems
  • Secondary anchors
  • New cap and tie backs
  • Grouting joints
  1. Help! Erosion is stealing my land!

Ever notice how one day the beach shore looks nice and levelled, and the next day a “step” or level is created where the sand used to be? This is caused by the waves repeatedly crashing on the shore taking everything in their path. This can happen over time to your property’s shoreline due to erosion. Coastal erosion is the wearing away and removal of land by wave action, tidal currents, drainage, or high winds. The lack of a proper seawall will, over time, decrease the size of your property. A seawall is imperative for you to coexist in such a setting, while establishing boundaries. An anemic seawall will fall into disrepair while pitting you against the force of Mother Nature. You will always be the biggest loser in that battle.

  1. Recreation and Seawall Safety

Because Florida is a hurricane area, buyers are especially concerned with safety when it comes to waterfront vacationing and residency. A seawall protects from hurricanes and flooding, which is another reason for its ability to increase a home’s value.

In addition, an article from National Geographic explains how sea levels have risen from 4-8 inches over the past century with a continuing annual rise of 0.13 inches.

A seawall decreases the risk of landmass loss from rising sea levels. In addition, seawalls maximize access of the land and provide recreational opportunities and real estate. It is easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves enjoying the property when they don’t have to worry about safety hazards and the associated expenses represented by seawall repair expenses.

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