A Thank You to Our Clients

As a marine construction business, we combine beautifully functional designs inspired by our clients’ visions and engineered for safety.

We’re a full-service marine contractor with over 30 years of experience building seawalls, docks and installing boat lifts in Florida. Our services are turnkey and include: permitting, design and construction. We enjoy an excellent reputation, but it is one we for which we have worked hard.

We love what we do. We do it well. Another thing we do well is to never forget “why” we do this. It is of course to provide sound structures to help keep homes and commercial properties safe so they make co-exist along the water’s edge, but it is also to make our clients happy.

We genuinely believe that if a business keeps that concept at the heart of their operation, and always gives their best effort, they will succeed. The testimony of our clients is better than anything we could ever want for our business.

“I was very happy with Gibson Marina my boat lift was installed with excellent workmanship and quality materials I would recommend them to anyone.”

 “I have now used Gibson for three projects. They repaired a seawall for me, built a new seawall and now a new dock.  I have found them to be very responsive, customer focused and reasonably priced.  I have recommended them to others and would estimate to do so in the future.”

“We engaged Gibson Marine Construction to build a dock deck and lift for our beach home. We were thrilled with their attention to detail, fairness in pricing, and follow up. It is very hard to find companies that follow thru on what they tell you, up front. Mike and his team from Gibson Marine were great to work with, from start to finish. We highly recommend them.”

“The work you and your company performed for us was outstanding. We couldn’t be more pleased with our choice in selecting Gibson Marine to replace our residence dock and our commercial dock at the Wharf. As a business person, it’s a real pleasure to ‘get what you pay for.’ I can assure you I will go out of my way to recommend your company and please do not hesitate to use us as a reference.”

“Every now and then a company comes along and lives up to the quality and service that it promises. Gibson Marine was one of three local companies that we were considering to install our new seawall. We initially chose Gibson because their consultant Mike Mittler was knowledgeable, timely and would actually answer his phone whenever we called. The process from start to finish was smooth, timely, exactly as promised and with very little disruption to our home or neighbors. Our seawall is now complete and we are very happy with Gibson Marine and our beautiful new seawall.”

This may all sound like we are blowing our own horn (which we kind of are!) but we sincerely thank these clients who took the time to tell us what they thought. We thank all of you. Your trust means everything in the world to our team.

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