Make Your Seawall a Selling Feature

Part II: More Tips to Make Your Seawall a Selling Feature of Your Florida Home

Now that you have tackled cleaning, decluttering, making repairs and upgrades, and staging the home, discussed in part one of this post, we will move on to more tips that you can apply to your Florida seawall to make it a valuable selling feature.

Working with Experienced Professionals

Working with experienced professionals can make a big difference in the home selling process. They can make recommendations, guide you when making important decisions, and help get it listed and sold quickly.

An Experienced, Licensed Real Estate Listing Agent

Hiring the right listing agent to help you sell your home is key. Listing agents have a lot of responsibilities related to the sale of your home. The number of offers you receive, the dollar amount of those offers, and the speed of the sale can all be affected by who you choose to represent you as your listing agent. Their experience and familiarity with the area can make a big difference and financial impact on the sale of your home.

Asking friends, neighbors, and family for recommendations, reviewing a listing agent’s resume, calling references and understanding the agent’s marketing plan for your home are all great ways to find an experienced professional you can feel comfortable working with.

Gibson Marine Construction: Your Seawall Inspection and Repair Experts

When it comes to your seawall, hiring the right vendor to produce quality work is also important. Just as it is key to work with an experienced listing agent, it is also key to work with an experienced marine construction company that specializes in seawall inspection and seawall repair services. Gibson Marine Construction has over 30 years of experience; They are the seawall experts you can trust. Their full-service marine contractors offer customized solutions, designed to get you the most bang for your buck, making your seawall into a valuable selling feature of your Florida waterfront home.

Pricing Your Property to Sell

Pricing can be a sensitive topic of discussion. Too often property owners want to equate the price they paid for their home plus any additional funds put towards the property with the price they want to list the property for. But that’s not how the real estate pricing system works. The list price should be based on what the market will bear, essentially what buyers are willing to pay for the property.

Buyers Will Pay More for a Well Maintained, Updated Property

It’s no secret that buyers will pay more for a well maintained and updated property. The less money a buyer has to set aside for making repairs and upgrades, elevating the property to their desired standards, the more money they can put toward their purchase offer.

Homeowners who tackle the repairs and upgrades before putting the house on the market usually see an exponential return on their investment. The same applies to a property’s seawall.

A Well Maintained Seawall Can Add Exponential Value to a Property

Not only does a well maintained seawall add ambiance to your property, it also adds significant value. The cost of adding a seawall to a property typically runs around $150 per linear foot, depending on the materials used.

Well constructed and well maintained seawalls can have an extremely long lifespan, again, depending on the materials used and other elemental variables. You can call on the experts at Gibson Marine Construction to inspect and make repairs to your Florida seawall. Some common seawall repairs include:

    • Adding, repairing or replacing a well point drainage system
    • Supplementing existing anchors that are failing or have already failed with secondary anchors
    • Install a replacement cap
    • Repair or replace a tie back rod(s)
    • Repair grouting joints or replace grouting joints with new ones

Being able to market your property, showcasing a well maintained and structurally sound seawall can add significant value to your Florida waterfront property. It can give potential buyers some additional peace of mind and can often help the property command a higher sale price.

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