Drone Video of the Seawall at Sand Key Park

Protecting and Preserving Sand Key Park, Florida

According to the Pinellas County, Florida Parks and Preserves website, Sand Key Park is a public park comprised of ninety-five acres, located on Sand Key Island, a barrier island situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the Florida mainland. It is a popular destination, welcoming more than one million visitors each year.

It is very important that Florida’s public parks, like Sand Key Park are protected and preserved. The seawall being constructed along the water way is a key component of the 2018 Sand Key and Treasure Island Nourishment Projects currently underway this summer.

Drone Video Showcasing the Seawall Construction Project at Sand Key Park

This drone video gives us a bird’s eye view of the project. The video starts in an area where work on the seawall has been completed and where you can see a man enjoying his afternoon of fishing. The video then continues down the waterway towards the areas of the seawall still under construction. This can gives us a peek at the all of the engineering and construction work that goes into building a stable seawall, capable of withstanding hurricanes, tropical storms, and the foot traffic of over one million park visitors each year.

Once the drone approaches the bridge spanning the waterway from Clearwater Beach to Sand Key Island, it turns around to head back in the direction from which it came. And if you look closely at this point, you can see quite a few dolphins enjoying their afternoon swimming in the waterway.

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