How To Make Your Outdoor Deck Feel Like Real Living Space

Now that you’ve purchased your new Florida home, it’s time to make it feel like home. We all have these perfect visions of what we want our living space to look like and an outdoor deck is no different. It is simply an extension of your home and should just as cozily reflect your style like the rest of your house, whether it’s a place to relax and read a book, have a meal with friends and/or family, or just lay there and enjoy the beautiful weather. This should be a place to relax and somewhere you’re excited to spend idle hours.

Since you’ve already decorated the entire house, or at least have a vision for it, it will be easy to decorate the outdoor deck and make it a comfortable living space. Make sure to have various types of furniture so you are prepared for all different occasions. Maybe a lounge chair for when you want to relax and read a book or a couch for the times you want to take a quick nap outside. Some people may even have a nice table with chairs or booth style to be able to enjoy a family dinner outside on their deck. This is your outdoor deck, an annex to your living space, so it needs to feel like it’s a part of the home with the only difference being the fresh air.

Ultimately, how you decorate it is up to you. It can be casual, calming, upbeat, open, whatever floats your boat.

Ask yourself these questions when deciding how to best decorate your outdoor deck:

  • Do you want everything to match the rest of the house?
  • What do you want to use the space for?
    • Relaxing
    • Coffee
    • Dinner with family/friends
    • Social gatherings
    • Do you want it to look more casual or more on the fancy side?
    • What type of furniture do you want? (This will be influenced by what you are using the space for)

Dock Maintenance

Along with the structural maintenance of your dock or deck, prior to purchasing anything to decorate or furnish it, consider your bandwidth for caring for items. Outdoor furniture is obviously subjected to different elements than indoor.

  • Will you be alright with having to stow cushions in inclement weather?
  • Would you prefer for everything to be durable enough to weather light to moderate storms?

Just because an outdoor setting you saw on Pinterest is breathtaking, doesn’t mean it will suit your needs.

Have a plan before buying things for your outdoor space. Once you figure out what you want to use the deck for specifically, you can begin to buy furniture.

Slowly you will see this space come together and soon be able to enjoy it every day and be proud of what you created. After you finish decorating the outdoor deck, its time to sit back, relax, and enjoy a famous Florida sunset.

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