Custom Dock Building

Being in the marine construction industry for as many years as we have has allowed us to experience the transformation from dock extensions that look like the one next door, to truly customized ones. These specialized structures integrate into the unique nuances of shorelines and their landscapes. They frame and support all types of vessels harbored alongside.

While imagination, engineering, and genuine craftsmanship are the tent poles of custom docks in Florida, there are a few considerations requiring resolution first.

Cost considerations are primary, as everyone has a budget so we always want to allow for that baseline. While we’ll never skimp on the quality of the materials, it would be the design specifications that would instead require modification.

Zoning and Permitting

In addition to pulling the appropriate permits and closing them upon final inspection, identification of specs for structures in your subdivision and county will govern the design.

We will never proceed until we know exactly what you can and cannot erect. A look at your neighbors’ docks is often a good indication, but again, you never really know how elaborate the structure can be until we know the rules governing them.

What do you need the dock for? In other words, besides a sturdy structure to tether and park your boat:

  • Do you have jet skis?
  • Do you wish to use part of the space for outdoor dining so need a partial roof?
  • Do you want a bridge effect so the dock is either floating or fixed with a walkway connecting it to the land?
  • Would you prefer access to the dock from the second story of your home so the veranda connected to your master suite offers a staircase right down to your boat?
  • Is your home built into a mountainside or sloping gradient and requires a stepped access?
  • Would a full gazebo top add ambience to your great outdoors?
  • Or do we establish a full party deck on one level with steps down to the boat dock beneath?

Again, there are no limits when it comes to customizing this space. The surrounding terrain also deserves a facelift whether adding a rip rap seawall, landscape design, or pavers to outfit the access way.

Along with these touches, custom lighting design will highlight everything from the water itself to every post and pillar. Light strings outlining the dock’s silhouette are a classic, yet stunning way to showcase your new space.

Besides our ability to build such utilitarian footage that provides much more than just a place to park, we truly appreciate the chance to devise unique spaces that make living at the water’s edge even more of a treat.

In addition to enhancing a property, we pride ourselves on creating structures that are safe and sound. Only with keen engineering and knowledge of the body of water and the materials best suited, can anyone construct a dock that will perform as you envision it, with the peace of mind you demand of it.

Living on a Florida waterfront property is as good as it gets. A custom dock only makes it better.

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