Enjoy the Beauty and Function of a Wood Retaining Wall or a Wood Seawall

Whether you’re in the market for a wood retaining wall (which holds back earth on one side of the wall) or a wood seawall (which retains earth on one side and water on the other side), there is no need to sacrifice aesthetics to get the job done. They can provide both beauty and function.

Why Choose a Wood Seawall or a Wood Retaining Wall?

Wood seawalls and wood retaining walls add rich, natural beauty to any landscape. And, choosing marine-grade wood material is an excellent way to protect your land from the tides, waves, and hurricanes, or to prevent land movement. Selecting wood for your marine construction structure can also be a cost effective choice at installation.

With that being said, it is important to know that wood does require more frequent inspections, repairs, and/or replacement. And it does hold up better in fresh water as opposed to salt water. Regardless, wooden seawall and wooden retaining wall owners will need to be more vigilant about the condition of their wooden marine construction structure. That’s why it’s important to choose professionals to do the job.

At Gibson Marine Construction we use marine-grade material for wood seawalls. Our wall construction consists of vertical 2” x 6” PT marine-grade lumber, a combination of 2” x 8” front and back wale system and a 2” x 12” PT marine grade cap. And depending on the environment, a wood wall can provide many years of service.

Questions About Starting Your Marine-Grade Wood Seawall or Wood Material Project?

If you’re thinking about a wood seawall or wood retaining wall to protect or prevent damage to your property, consider our specialists at Gibson Marine Construction to do the job. With over 30 years of experience our team will work with you to design and construct your wood seawall or wood retaining wall. Contact us today, we’d love to talk about the beauty and function that a wood retaining wall or wood seawall could bring to your property.

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