Facing Stronger for Longer Hurricanes

In a recent study conducted by Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) Graduate University, researchers have concluded that hurricanes are staying “stronger for longer after hitting land.” Coastal property owners should take notice, as this can equate to more danger and property damage. Damage from a hurricane can happen a few different ways.

Hurricane Damage from Stronger Storm Surges

The rising water pushed toward the shore by forceful hurricane winds is called a storm surge. It can be a greater threat to human life – even more so than the powerful winds. And the crashing waves can cause severe damage to property, damaging boats, docks, and even buildings. With hurricanes staying stronger for longer, storm surges have the potential to become more violent, may cause water levels to rise and cause more damage.

Land Erosion and Land Loss Caused by Hurricanes

Hurricanes also cause damage via delivering torrential rains to an area. These severe rainstorms can cause rivers to flood, eroding the soil from the riverbanks. And torrential rains can create mudslides, leading to land loss and property damage. For example, scientists estimate that the amount of land lost due to hurricanes Katrina and Rita was approximately 73 square miles.

Seawalls and Retaining Walls Can Help Protect from Stronger for Longer Hurricanes

As of yet there is no way to stop a hurricane, but property owners can take steps to protect their land by investing in a seawall or retaining wall. They can serve as the first line of defense to protect property and help curb some of the damage caused by hurricanes. As hurricanes get stronger for longer, even property owners who have never considered a seawall or retaining may want to revisit the topic.

If you’re thinking about investing in a seawall or retaining wall, talk to our marine construction experts at Gibson Marine Construction. We’d be happy to discuss the benefits and how to best protect your property from hurricane damage caused by stronger for longer hurricanes. Contact Gibson Marine Construction today to learn more.

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